The art of pottery wheel

Level 1 The Art of Working on the Potter's Wheel "LEVEL 1" course is an introductory course in pottery. It is intended for beginners, i.e. for everyone who is flirting with shaping clay with the help of a potter's spindle. The course lasts 20 hours - it is conducted in two ways: CLASSIC COURSE - three visits: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday - in Velenje and INTENSIVE COURSE - two consecutive days, usually Saturday and Sunday - in Kanje Dol, Primorska content: basics about clay, where you gain knowledge and understanding of which clay is suitable for working on the potter's wheel, how to recognize it, and how to prepare it for work on the potter's wheel getting to know the equipment and tools, how the potter's wheel works, how to use it and adapt it to the body's constitution, height, and posture. exercises for feeling and strengthening concentration - getting to know yourself, the material, and the spindle. You can just internalize the experience. four basic grips for working on the spindle

making the attachment and centering cylinder manufacturing and testing evaluation, manual review, impressions and comprehension check

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